It is a great pleasure to be able to report on the success of the XXX Congress of CEDR held in Poznań from 19-21 September 2019.


Delegates from 20 different countries, totalling some 130 persons, discussed matters of mutual interest relating to Food Sovereignty and Food Security across Europe. Also, given the ongoing work on reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, an absorbing Colloquium considered the measures currently proposed and the issues facing those at the heart of the discussions.

Full details of the papers presented can be found by following this link. The conclusions of the Congress will in due course be published and will be presented to the European Institutions for their information.

As always, the spirit of camaraderie was felt in all aspects: in the sessions of the three independent Commissions, in the Colloquium and in the bars and restaurants in the ‘down time’ of the evenings.

Some strong and efficient organisation was behind that success and our special thanks go to:

  • all the Commission Presidents, General Rapporteurs and the leaders of the Colloquium,
  • the Polish Association for Agricultural Law, under their President, Professor Roman Budzinowski, and Professor Przemysław Litwiniuk of the Warsaw University of Rural Management,
  • the Adam Mickiewicz University who provided wonderful facilities which were enjoyed throughout the Congress,
  • Antoni Gulinski and his team from the Poznan Science and Technology Park who did an excellent job in the background to make sure the Congress has proceeded smoothly, and
  • last but not least, the unsung heroes of any multi-lingual event, the highly proficient team of translators and interpreters who worked before and throughout the Congress to be sure the speakers were understood by all participants.

Most of all, though, thanks go to the delegates, without whose support the Congress would not have been as successful or enjoyable.

We now look forward to our next Congress in Cardiff, Wales, in 2021. Full information will be available on the website of CEDR – – as the arrangements are confirmed.


Geoff Whittaker
President of CEDR

Dates importantes


Commission 1

Souveraineté alimentaire et sécurité alimentaire : concepts et cadre juridique

Sujets: droit à l'alimentation, autosuffisance, prévention des crises et stockage des aliments, traités commerciaux internationaux, aspects de l’ONU et de la FAO (notamment Comité de la sécurité alimentaire mondiale), droit de l'OMC, politique agricole commune et droit national, intervention et filets de sécurité, gaspillage alimentaire, démocratie alimentaire.

Commission 2

Protection des terres cultivées : le droit de l’aménagement du territoire rural et le droit relatif aux cessions de biens agricoles

Sujets: Protection des terres agricoles, législation qualitative et quantitative sur la protection des sols, droit de l'aménagement du territoire, land grabbing, cessions immobilières en agriculture (droit national et jurisprudence de la CJUE après le cas Ospelt C-452/01), acquisition d'immeubles par des personnes à l'étranger, surfaces de compensation écologique, protection contre l'érosion et désertification.

Commission 3

Développements actuels importants du droit rural international, dans l’UE ainsi que dans les états et les régions

Sujets proposés: nouvelles technologies (notamment smart farming), nouvelle Politique Agricole Commune, règlements omnibus de l’UE, changement climatique, droit de chasse, etc.